The Supreme God has choosen my constant companion as a Virtuous and Pious saintly woman of faith, deeds and love for her dedication to 20 long years of working with the physically and mentally handicap children.. the children abadoned or abused by their parents and those children suffering from Leukemia and all those children that have died during her never ending devotion to God..her Parents..her Husband..her Pets and Mankind. The Supreme God has requested of me to write Psalms in her name and honor.

Chapter One

1. Here in the Orchid of Pomegranates lay to rest many leathery red rinds of tart red pulp all of many which have passed from this world to the Spiritual Sky of Heavens bliss in the Eternal Garden of the Supreme Almighty God of Compassion and Love and have carried their many seeds to choose carefully the seed they plant for their next re-birth incarnation back into the material world.

2. For yours is the Kingdom of all material kindoms where suffering and death exist no more. Where you and all the children can choose to be Angels forever as eternity flows like an endless river into the grand Ocean of Mercy.

3. Blessed are those who are called by The Supreme God to help the less fortunate,those who can not care or fend for themselves, those in need, those without hope and in hopelessness and those living in conditions of injustice for surely God has eyes to see all things and send a stranger of mercy to up-lift you and carry you across the river of life.

4. Open your eyes and open your heart of compassion to forgive all those that have transgress and trampled upon you in this material life. Remember that this is not a destination where you will live forever but a journey where the weak become strong in spirit and never cease to praise God in sickness or in good a life short lived or a life long lived. When your journey has finally come to an end, even if you had been poor with nothing, it matters none to God as long as you have given praise to God all through your journey, the Angels will sing and the demons in hell will wail and God will smile and hold you with comfort in his bossom and arms of the greatest love you will ever know and then you will say..This Is Love.

5. Remember to pray daily and give thanks for another day of Sunrise.


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