The Divine American Religion - Saint Roy

1.We believe in One Almighty Supreme American God.
2.We believe that the American People are The Supreme God's choosen people.
3.We believe that America is the True Divine Holy Land.
4.We believe that mankind is born Free...Democratic and should live with Liberty.
5.We believe that The Supreme God dwells in the Infinite Universe and in our Hearts giving us free will to journey through this Life to do live with Justice and to be Righteous Entities for The Supreme American God's glory.
6.We believe that through The Supreme God's Almighty Power and Love for all Humankind, it is possible to Erradicate... War... Genocides... Hate... Envy.. Greed... Prejudice... Fear... Rape... Murders... Poverty... Despare.. Desease and all the rest of the hells that befalls our Planet to make a Utopia United and Together as Brothers and Sisters for all Humankind and The Supreme American God.
7.We believe that America is governed by Divinely Inspired Principals..a Constitution that all righteous people can Obey by...we have no objections to Our Government and Justice System.
8.We believe in the Spiritual and National growth of our Divine Nation especially Our Children and Youth that through School Prayer and their Pledge of Allegience to The Supreme American God and Our Divine American Nation, its National Flag and the Republic for which it is, will remain a Nation of Human Justice Governed by a Just and a Righteous People for all Americans and Humankind.
9.We believe that those whom destroy and do wrongs in our society should be put away with by Our Earthly Appointed Judges and then again be punished by The Supreme American God.
10. We believe that America is the Greatest and Just Nation on Earth that shall go beyond the heavenly stars and conquer to live on other planets as The Supreme God's will for the Americans and the American Holy Land to benefit all the reighteous of Humankind.

Saint Roy

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